Copy to Clipboard


On Label Taped Event, would be useful an action to copy to user clipboard some type of text.


Thanks for the feature request! We’re always looking for ways to make events and actions easier to use.


Can i upvote this feature as it would be useful for my app


Any update on this feature?


Hi @david.brotton. As of now, we currently have no plans of implementing this feature.

It’s surprisingly not a native functionality for iOS’s UILabel class and the mobile Human Interface Guidelines either. It requires subclassing the UILabel class to complete a customized solution for it and Dropsource lends itself to staying close to native mobile functionalities.

if this changes in the future however, I will absolutely post a reply here as well as a new Post showing advanced functionalities in the Dropsource editor.


is this feature too difficult to implement? I want this feature.


It would be a cool feature to add in. Currently our engineers are all in developing the next version of Dropsource so we’re not actively building new features into the platform at this time. I have noted the interest in this feature however if we do begin feature integrations in this version of Dropsource and will certainly let everyone know if we do.