Constant Build Errors


@stephen1 and @sjannu99, Will you please separate your request into their own posts?

We’re going to lose context quickly if these separate issues build up on 1 thread since the forum is only able to go to a comment thread depth of 1 and everything is going to mash together atop each other.

Thanks for your help on this. I want to make sure we address every issue and breaking them into their own Posts is going to help you and I out with this process.


Hi Wade, Can you give me some kind of projection as to when you anticipate this being resolved?
I am now 3 weeks behind schedule on a project and I am at the point where I need to decide if I should move to another development platform. If you dont feel this is something that can be resolved this week then I am going to need to discuss my account with someone on your team.


Hi @wade , having the same issue here, after one month out of the city, I got my project on track again, but I am constantly not been able to test my project, even though it has no errors, some days it builds some days it doesn’t.
Any hint, help here?
Carlos Escobar


@steve1, the issue regarding project duplication error and build error due to sub-resource files not being created is being solved as we speak and will be deployed shortly. I’ll let you as soon as we can test again.

@fertrig this is another customer feeling the sting from the issue regarding sub-resource files not being created. I believe this might be alleviated with the solution we have on the project duplication errors.

@caeroa you’re getting lost in the thread here as you’re not completely related to the same issue. Please create a new forum post and detail as best you can what you’re experiencing while also providing a Build ID I can investigate.

Sorry everyone for the issues and getting lost in communication here. We need to break separate issues out in separate threads. You’re not all experiencing the same issue just because there’s a build error in your project. Each project is pretty specific based on your personal development implementations.


Sorry @wade , I will do.


@fertrig… Do you know if the fix was deployed for the issue regarding Sub Resources files not being created? I know we were on a slight pause in the deployment phase for that fix and wanted to get a follow up for the customer here.


@steve1 we’ve deployed a fix that I’m hoping solves this once and for all. Would you please quit your browser, log back in and let me know if you’re good to go and if not, describe what you’re experiencing.


After appearing to have resolved my issues I now have unknown build errors and to cap it off the camera portion of my app now crashes after it takes a photo and you confirm you want to keep it. So, two steps forward, three back, again.



Last build error, 1147701134455640297


I cant even begin to describe how frustrated I am, having already lost a month and now after thinkig I’d finally made some progress to be once again unable to compile my app. Can you please have someone from sales contact me to arrange a refund of the 1K I paid for the source code access, as I am going to have to appease my very pissed off client and move to another service.



@steve1, thank you for your honest and forthright feedback here. We’ve had quite a time here working through issues together haven’t we. I’m really sorry that the level of support and the timeliness of deploying solutions has disrupted your scheduling and needs of you as well as your clientele. This is not how we like to end a relationship but I understand that you have your needs and we aren’t meeting them adequately.

I’ve shared this up the chain and you will be reached out to via email from the proper teammate here at a Dropsource.

If there’s anything else I can do to help you out moving forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Unfortunately, after reviewing, at this point, I’m too far into this to have it make any sense pulling the plug.
After two weeks away, I signed in to find the issues with the Camera appear to be resolved and I was able to compile my project to app and web.

Successful build 1154384409669943113

However after updating my API to incorporate a minor change to a JSON schema I am now unable to compile for web testing. I can however compile to app for device.


This is using the latest stable build of Chrome on Windows 10.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I see an error I’ve not seen before and have asked Engineering for some insight.

To make sure this wasn’t an anomaly, as it kind of sounds similar to a server timeout, would you logout of Dropsource, log back in and try a rebuild for Web Sim to see if it continues to show the error? We’ll look at the logs on our end as well and see if something sticks out.