Collection View within a Table View Cell


Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if what I’m looking for is possible but I can’t figure out (how to modify the Element Tree) or it’s not possible at all.

I’d like to have Collection Views that I scroll horizontally within Table View Cell that I scroll vertically.
The Element Tree would be like this:
Table View

Table View Cell

Collection View

Collection View Cell

How would you implement something like this?



Good Question @signoretti.riccardo. This type of custom complex element hierarchy isn’t advised in Dropsource. When you begin to nest dynamic elements like Collection Views into Table Views for instance, the code begins to break down when it comes to data and element management.

Others have tried and have come up short in their expectations for how this will work so we don’t recommend taking on this sort of custom UI in Dropsource. Perhaps you can adjust your design to a more simplistic approach?


Thank you Wade,

I’ll do that but later we’ll need to implement something like Spotify. Is it possible at all without coding?




Nesting dynamic elements inside other dynamic elements isn’t going to be pretty through the Dropsource editor. Others have tried and succeeded but it’s going to take trial and error on your part and I highly recommend keeping the design as simple as possible.

If you can avoid requiring that design strategy, you will be better off but I know I have seen others attempt it in limited capacity. Assigning dynamic data to a nested dynamic element may be the issue you’ll hit but I encourage experimenting!