Collaboration options for sharing access to and transfering projects


Hi @Dropsource, it will be very useful to have a collaboration feature that allows users to add collaborators to their projects for support and transfer of projects.

Currently if somone wants you to assist them with their project they have to give you their dropsource login details giving you full access to their account.

Such a collaboration feature can also be used for transfering apps from one user to another. For example, I could create an app, add somone as a collaborator giving them full permission.
Then they can remove me from the project and now becomes the owner.

Currently I like bubble’s collaboration implementation.
Basically when adding a collaborator you use their account email.
And this allows them to see the project in their account.

I think @sue mentioned some time ago here that this has been discussed. Is there an update on this?

This will also come in handy when the Certified Developer program takes off.


Hi @seanhoots,

Yes this is something we have slated to add. The 1st iteration should allow multiple accounts to access the same project, 1 at a time (taking turns). That gets teams able to modify 1 project together. The larger iteration to sit atop this will be simultaneous developers working on the same project from their accounts at the same time.


Just wondering what the status on this is? Been looking around and haven’t seen anything yet :slight_smile: