Collaboration / Adding Users To Project Possible?


Is it possible to add a 2nd developer to a project with READ ONLY access???

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It is not possible at this time to add collaborators. We don’t have a read-only mode but I can see how this would be useful if you wanted say, a client, to see under the hood but disable them from changing things. Is that your thoughts with this?


That is one plausible scenario yes.

For me, it is a third party developer, who isnt trusted, especially without version control or being able to roll back any editor changes.

We’d like them to create an ios version based on a read only version of the android version.


Ah I understand. That’s an interesting use case and I can see the value here for sure. I don’t have a way to do exactly that. BUT, what if you duplicated the project they are to replicate… then, if they make any changes, it won’t modify the “source copy”?


Hi Wade,

Thought of that, I just really don’t want them in our account even with the replicated one.

Can we copy it over to someone elses account?

Can a collaboration feature be pushed where if I add a collaborator by their drop source email, it automatically becomes visible when they login to their drop source account?


I wish I had better news but we don’t have the ability to do project transfers at this time. Sorry @justincrabbe


Are back ups taken of the editor on your servers?

Will a version be restorable in the editor in the event the developer messes something up?


no that’s not something we provide. Duplicating the project is a strategy other Dropsource members have applied in their workflows as a means of “bookmarking” a certain spot in their building.

Duplicate the project, then only work in 1 of them, develop out the next feature. When done you can delete the older version of the app, duplicate the version with the new feature, and continue onto the next feature.

This is how others are making a “backup copy” they can always revert back to if need be.