Check for and install new updates (Android In-pp Updates)


Hi @Dropsource,
It will be great to have an in-app updater that can check for new updates of an app, prompt user and update the app without visiting the play store.
Android not long ago introduced the android in-app update library (see link below).
Will be great for Dropsource to integrate this.


Oh wow. That’s interesting that it doesn’t even require it to utilize playstore. We don’t have it on the horizon currently but I’ll pass this up the chain. Sounds neat!


In the Meantime… a workaround here could be to store a current version number somewhere you get GET to. If it’s greater than the current 1, perhaps you can at least direct them to the playstore link for update.

Obviously the less invasive new way would be super ideal but in the meantime, in-app checks for updates could be achieved this way.

I do like that they thought about making this process less burdensome now.