Cell Resizing Needed!


Cell resizing is need so you don’t have to have one huge one size fits all cell. It looks hideous when you have a cell with one line of text and tons of white space.


Hi @chris, I’m not sure how this would factor into it but the Dropsource pattern redesign that’s currently in exploration might address this. You probably know this, but in case anyone else is wondering, you can scroll text instead of making the cell bigger.


Oh no, scrolling would absolutely not work. Think Facebook or Twitter, I imagine you use one or both of those platforms. You would never see scrolling. The space allotted for the text fits the text typed by the user. You guys offer certain properties to access in collections, but cell height isn’t one of them. I could imagine evaluating the length of a post, and accessing the cell height property, and resizing it accordingly per each cell load event.


Yep I understand the issue, it’s just the closest thing we have to a workaround right now. Allowing elements to be dynamically resized requires some fundamental adjustments to the way Dropsource apps work right now, which is why this isn’t a trivial addition that we can implement quickly.


Okay. :disappointed_relieved:



Just to add the same request …it is very important in my opinion and would stop me going with dropsource :cry:


+1 is currently stopping me from using dropsource


@chris we’re definitely bummed that it would stop you from using Dropsource. I hope you can come up with a creative way to get around this. Perhaps this hurdle could be a spot where you could innovate on the norm of what Facebook and other networks do for their own feeds. Perhaps you can see it as an advantage to innovate upon instead of a hinderance.


Wade, I didn’t say that.


Oh I know… I meant more to motivate here. Resizing cells would be helpful in this situation but I think it could prove to be a cool innovating spot in the context of a social feed to branch from though.


Oh I also just noticed we had different authors there with @yanisbensalem and @nic0519 there. Sorry @chris, I made a mistake there.

Making the adjustment to more forum instead here is requiring me to break some habits I formed on the 1 on 1 messaging platform


I see what you’re saying Wade, but this is basic UI practice. If a person has a one line post and you have 5 lines of white space because you have to statically allot for longer posts, that’s hideous design. And then, you have to always limit users to how long statuses can be, because you cannot extend the cell; which is why I have taken the Twitter method, only because I cannot expand cells dynamically. I’ve worked around photos by adding an icon to denote there is a media attached, because I cannot put the image directly in the cell because some posts will not have images. But again, I cannot resize the cell. It’s still fairly challenging trying to build dynamic apps with Dropsource right now, but I"m sure that will get better over time. Does that make more sense?


I definitely empathize with your frustration here. This is going to be a wonderful addition to the platform capabilities when it comes. We have some bigger engineering pieces of the puzzle taking priority which is why this feature hasn’t been scoped out and added to the engineering timeline for completion. When it does however, we will be letting the Dropsource Dev Community know and I’ll definitely reach out to you to let you know when I have an estimated date of completion.