Cannot Upload an image via Android Webview



I have a page where users can upload an image via a webview on an android app, when I try to upload an image nothing happens, the same page works okay on Chrome (android), also works fine on my IOS app, but no the android webview.

Is there a fix?


I don’t believe we have this capability with the web view in an app but I can look a little deeper to confirm. Would you supply a Build ID and instructions from app launch to test this out on my side?


hi Wade,

The web view for ios works ok, but not for android webview,

To Test I made this build for testing:
Build ID: 1129067834240509975


Hmm, I’m not sure. I pulled the app down and I run it and I see the page show where I click to upload an image but when I tap on it, nothing happens. We might not have this functionality baked into both sides. Since it’s inside of an webview I don’t really have access to any error handling or more clue information from the device output. It wouldn’t be surprising that Google’s Chrome app could do this but the webview class we use in Dropsource cannot though. They could be using a completely different class than we.


Yes when you click the image box on android nothing happens, but if you click that on an IOS build or chrome browser on android it opens photo library , camera…etc

I will PM you the link used in the webview for further testing.

Thanks for taking a look at this.