Can Dropsource do chatting app right now?


Moreover, I still wonder when other language support will be available…


I was just wondering this same thing. Thanks for asking this question. In theory, I suppose a webview using a chat app in bubble might work but native support within dropsource would also be great. Has anyone else been able to achieve this?


Hi guys, Dropsource is not really optimized for chat functionality yet because of the realtime nature of the interaction that type of app typically depends on, but we do hope to provide that in future. You can however use Intercom in your apps for user chat right now:


Hi @sue …what would happen if User A sends texts to User B via let say Bubble database, doesn’t it mean on the User B interface, receiving data from Bubble, the texts showing would be updated?

Just A sends to Bubble and Bubble to B. That simple. Or the problem is the delay of receiving the texts?

How long does the delay take?


You can absolutely send messages back and forward using API requests. When I say Dropsource isn’t optimized for chat what I mean is that typically in a chat app when the user receives a message it will appear in realtime i.e. straight away, but currently in Dropsource your app would only retrieve new messages by overtly making another API request, which you would need to do within an app event such as a page loading, the user interacting with the app, or using a timer to execute the request repeatedly without requiring user interaction (which is not particularly efficient).

Firebase realtime is an example of the type of processing I’m talking about:


Is this a hint that firebase real-time database is coming soon to dropsource?

Btw have you guys looked at pubnub (
It’s a real-time multiplatform data streaming service. It uses a publish and subscribe model and has android and ios sdks.
It allows you to implement chat and has features like who is online, who is typing, etc.
You can also use it for real-time mapping and tracking (Uber car style). I’ve tested this with Javascript to track in real-time movement a car and it was cool.

NB: I’m not associated with pubnub in anyway. Only found them this week while trying to implement some real-time tracking in dropsource.


Hi @seanhoots, lol it wasn’t meant to be a hint about anything, just a link to hopefully explain what I mean by realtime better than I did… Would you use Firebase realtime though? PubNub rings a bell but don’t believe I’ve seen much of it, will check it out.


Personally at its current state no. This is because currently it is not a no-code solution.
But i’m very sure there are hundreds of developers that will use it.

On a general note i’m not even sure anymore who Dropsource is targeting, whether conventional mobile app developers, or no-coders. My initial impression was the later, but your current releases make me not sure any more.
If your target is traditional developers and the goal is to make them develop quicker and easily, then supporting a backend like Firebase real-time database would be ideal. If your target is no-code developers, then that won’t be useful.


Hi @sue @seanhoots I am going to upgrade my plan because I can’t test some functions. However, I need to make sure first.

What I’m not sure is … can Push Notification on Firebase send a unique text to a unique user? For example, the push notification that shows incoming messages + action button on those notifications.

I already checked the tutorial and some info is not clear for me, so to test further I have to upgrade the plan anyway. So, you might know the answer ?


Yes it can but it’s up to you to determine how you’re going to send the notification.
Note that a push notification involves sending and receiving. The tutorial you saw in the dropsource documentation shows how to receive push notifications.
How to send it will depend on you. You may have to create some api to call in dropsource for sending the notifications or send it from your backend.

Personally i haven’t tested firebase notification much, it is onesignal that i have a lot of experience with and i’m able to send nofications from my backend and receive them in my dropsource developed app.
Also note that it is up to you to get the unique device identifier which you will need for sending the notification to a particular device (or user in other words).

So to answer your question simply, yes you can send and receive notification to a unique user, BUT it is up to you to implement the sending of the notification.


Hi thanks for your answer. @seanhoots

Anyway, according to the tutorials, the notification will start when a user open an app since the example put element to show notification on UI app. How about push notification that will be shown even the app is not open like Facebook when you receive a new message.

Can dropsource do that ?


I believe notifications from OneSignal can appear independently of your app but with Firebase you need to build the notification ui inside your app.


I can confirm that both OneSignal and Firebase notifications will appear in the notification/System tray even when the app is closed.
Below is a screencast showing Firebase push notification on two different android devices (Nexus 6 and Pixel).
As seen in the demo, the Nexus 6 doesn’t even have the app opened. The Pixel has the app in the background.
Both are able to receive the push notification in the notification tray and clicking on the notification opens the app.

One thing to note is that, if the app is in the foreground (i.e. showing on the screen) then the notification will not appear in the notfication tray. But in this case the Firebase Push Notification Received event will fire so you will be able to save the notifcation and show it based on some event.
On the other hand, if the application is not in the foreground, the Firebase Push Notification Received event wont fire so you won’t be able to save the notification.
NB that here i was sending the notifcation to all devices which have installed the app. To send to a specific device, you will have to get the device id and save in your backend so you could use it when sending the notification.


Thank you for clarifying me!


Cheers @seanhoots, when I tried this I think what I was doing was dependent on that received event but good to know the notification will appear on the device regardless. So if you’re just using it to prompt the user to open the app that sounds like it would work fine.


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Cool Find @alexander… Thanks for sharing. This looks interesting to say the least!