Build Failed without errors


Hi @wade, i have a build problem
build 1103721169333849058

i think know the problem. i dragged (by mistake) a view out of the page, and a cant find anymore,
when deleted the page the error gone, but now cant build… please help me!!!

thks a lot


Hi @gpremper… I see the error. I’m not sure what it is exactly. It’s related to a Recursive Element Cycle occurring. I reached out to engineering to get more info on it and to receive further guidance on this issue.

We’ll help you get this solved so you can move forward. Thanks for your patience while I do some research on the issue.


@gpremper We’ve made an internal fix on this. Would you close and reopen your browser, log back into your project and rebuild it.

Please let me know if your issue is solved after completing this.


hi @wade
have the same issue again. :confused:
im dont know if necessary create a new topic

build was unsuccessful
Build ID: 1127765526545312276


Rony M


Hi Jose,

I pulled that project down with the Build ID you showed. It built fine on my machine. I’m not sure why it didn’t in Dropsource. I do see however that you have a couple successful builds since that failed build. Maybe it was an anomaly? Things seem to be working fine from my perspective here.


Thanks Wade
after a while i was can create a build. but again have a fail

Build ID: 1128456598784711939



Hi again @wade1 or @wade :slight_smile: or anyone

my project isn’t working yet, and today started other project, and fail too after a couple of builds. Please help me or tell me if i do something wrong, because this it’s too much frequently.

My builds are
Build ID: 1139367588479899160
This build was unsuccessful.

Build ID: 1128456598784711939
This build was unsuccessful.

thks again


@fertrig This is an interesting 1. Consistently, @gpremper is getting Build Errors but I have no problem pulling down these failing builds and running them in an Xcode Simulator.

Can we research, for example, Build ID 1139367588479899160.

This is an unsuccessful build for him that I can run locally without an issue.

Project ID pertaining to these Builds is 1059290999560404991.


@Nate, could you please take a look at this issue? The build fails with status 225 (compileFailed).


Hello, @fertrig , @wade , do you have any solution?
Today did a couple of builds, but it doesnt work anymore …
please help,

Build ID: 1141498415054585318
Thank you


Thanks for the update @gpremper… I’ve flagged Nate as well to have a look here. I’ll follow up with more information on this as soon as I receive it from Engineering.


Hi @wade @fertrig @Nate im still with problem build my app, im only make a couple of builds and then fail. Its really frustrating because i have about two months whit this issue.

Please help me or tellme if i doing some wrong. im having problem with my client beacause delay on test date.

My two active project have de same problem,
my build is
Build ID: 1143343730307746789



@gpremper I’m reaching out to engineering again to look deeper into this. I’m still downloading your project and it’s running fine on my side. I think they need to look more into what’s going on in depth. I will get some answers and I apologize for the length of time taken on this issue.


@gpremper, We made an adjustment to our internal compilers. Could you run a test please and let me know what you experience now and if it’s still an issue would you supply a failing Build ID that we can re-test on?


Thks @wade but… I tried and the build failed again :cry:

Build ID: 1147688229214690347



Thanks for checking and sharing a Build. Ok… same issue too I think. I can pull it down just fine and run it no problem.

@nate_frechette The recent deployment doesn’t seem to solve @gpremper case here.

I can download that latest Build and run just fine from Xcode.