Build Failed without errors


Hi @wade, i have a build problem
build 1103721169333849058

i think know the problem. i dragged (by mistake) a view out of the page, and a cant find anymore,
when deleted the page the error gone, but now cant build… please help me!!!

thks a lot


Hi @gpremper… I see the error. I’m not sure what it is exactly. It’s related to a Recursive Element Cycle occurring. I reached out to engineering to get more info on it and to receive further guidance on this issue.

We’ll help you get this solved so you can move forward. Thanks for your patience while I do some research on the issue.


@gpremper We’ve made an internal fix on this. Would you close and reopen your browser, log back into your project and rebuild it.

Please let me know if your issue is solved after completing this.


hi @wade
have the same issue again. :confused:
im dont know if necessary create a new topic

build was unsuccessful
Build ID: 1127765526545312276


Rony M


Hi Jose,

I pulled that project down with the Build ID you showed. It built fine on my machine. I’m not sure why it didn’t in Dropsource. I do see however that you have a couple successful builds since that failed build. Maybe it was an anomaly? Things seem to be working fine from my perspective here.


Thanks Wade
after a while i was can create a build. but again have a fail

Build ID: 1128456598784711939