Build error without visible error


I’ve been working on my app fpr a while and there haven’t been any errors until now. But at some point when I wanted to test it in the browser it said that there is a build error even though the error page didn’t show anything. Could you please look into this?
Build ID: 1221119131563919258


Thanks for reaching out @moutassem… The error I can see when I search this Build ID is:

Message : When calling macro "node", required parameter "id" (parameter #1) was specified, but had null/missing value.---- Tip: If the parameter value expression on the caller side is known to be legally null/missing, you may want to specify a default value

Check on your API calls here and perhaps ensure a default value comes back where there may not be one for the “id” parameter in the response. That seems to be creating the error when the app is trying to use info from the response that doesn’t exist in the response itself.


I fixed the parameter now and tried to build it, but now it says that there is an unknow error. Can you please look into it again?
Build ID: 1221726463428870233


What I’m seeing now is in your StPWed page, there’s a call to Backendless called BackendlessWednesdayAPIDeletedatabulkWednesdayOperation. You want to look at that. The tableview’s row height is attempted to be modified from inside the code based on this calls Api Response. Something fishy going on there. Step through your logic using this call and also check the response data coming in is as you expect it to be.