Build error with picker action sheet


I get a build error when I test my app with picket action sheet.
Build ID: 1146125117279031836

Could someone help me?


I see this too. There’s a framework that’s supposed to be added for you when you do this step in the project and I don’t see it being created in yours.

Try this though. On that same page, remove the “ActionSheet” action from the tablecells tap event(for now).

Then, throw a button element on the page instead (not in the table cell but just on the page somewhere where the table isn’t.

In the tap event for the button, do the “Show Picker Action Sheet” action there and throw some dummy strings in to test it out. Set a title string and some choices strings.

Then build and run the app and see if the ActionSheet works. If it does, AWESOME, that might have gotten the framework into your project, then you can delete the test button and try the Action Sheet action in your tableview cells action like you have been doing.

Basically, I want to try other ways to get that CoreActionSheet framework to be added to your project so everything will work correctly.


Hi @wade! Thank you for your help!
So, I can get the picker sheet for my table cell only when the button (like in your example) isn’t going be deleted.
I’ll go ahead with the button in hide mode.


Interesting. So did you find that it worked fine when the button setup was still in the page… BUT… when you removed that, it didn’t work again? I was kind of thinking it would still preserve the framework even when the button removed it. There’s probably some weird bug in here somewhere on our side but if you can hide/disable the button and move forward, I will pass these findings to engineering.

I’m glad there’s a path still for you to move forward here. Thanks for bringing this issue up.