Bug in date picker on iOS?


Hi There,

Good to see dropsource is still great.

I am creating an app in iOS and passing the data to bubble. When the value is changed on the date picker i use a formate date to string action and put it in a page variable.

It works perfectly fine and shows in bubble, however, the month is always 00. So for example November 7 1992 shows as 07/00/1992

How come the month doesn’t show up? Is it a bug or am i doing something wrong


aaah! I found out it is apparently case sensitive.

You must type the month format in upper case. So ‘mm/dd/yyyy’ will not work but ‘MM/dd/yyyy’ will. Well now you know :wink:

Only the ‘MM’ is in upper case, the rest is lowercase.


Correct… Here’s a resource tool for this