Both Android + iOS Apps Aren't Compiling In Editor Anymore


Both IOS and Android apps aren’t compiling for me within Dropsource.

Spends hours compiling but never produces an error.


Would you share failing Build ID’s for them and I can take a look?


I wish I could but they aren’t failing or producing any error…

The cogwheel dots sit there ‘compiling’ for hours and hours so there are no actual builds that fail.

This is what I see:



@wade please give us an update we have been stuck for days.

We purchased source code and now have no ability to import a swaggar file nor can any app be compiled in the editor.

Somehow today there is a failed build ID there in the history on the ios side: Build ID: 1164227968235258452

On the android side: Build ID: 1164233429980567259


Justin, there’s been new threads and problems solved this. I am still researching on my side but I want to make sure this is an issue that remains needed to be solved, only due seeing the successful solving of issues after the fact here?


Still unsolved.

We cant compile or upload a swaggar anymore.


Thank you for the update Justin. I’m going to reach out to engineering here for greater detail on the context of the error happening.

@nate_frechette… I’m seeking out Source Code to pull down for Justin’s iOS & Android builds to troubleshoot but I believe the error is occurring before the Build is completing. Can you take a look in the builder for a clue on the error?

iOS: 1164227968235258452
Android: 1164233429980567259


I see we’re also communicating in an Intercom message and Engineering on the same issue. I’ll move to complete the ticket and communications there where engineering is already present on this.


Thanks very much.

We need this one resolved as tomorrow will be 1 week with no ability to compile or import a swaggar which is why things moved over to email… we are at a stand still.


Yes I understand the time sensitivity on this issue. I see the conversation between you and engineering and will continue to monitor progress while they are working on troubleshooting it internally.