BOOKACAN Franchise App: Grand Prize Winner of Dropsource App contest!


Hello World!

Who are we?
BOOKACAN is a market place for packaged drinking water delivered to homes & businesses in bulk quantities.

What we do?
We currently have our service launched in Bangalore, India and deliver to individual homes, businesses, corporate offices, schools, hospitals and restaurants. We have a network of franchise partners who provide the last mile delivery to our customers and are connected through BOOKACAN platform.

Why Mobile App?
Currently franchise partners perform order fulfilment and receive payments through BOOKACAN website. Most of the times our partners are in the field delivering customer orders and they lacked ease of access to order details on the browser, cant mark orders as shipped on the go and even locating customer address information. This triggered a strong need to have a mobile app that would help our franchise partners access order information on the go and ability to deliver/reach more customers per day.

How to build the App?
With our partners desperately wanting to have more robust access to BOOKACAN platform we were geared up to build a mobile app as soon as possible. Given the complexity of hiring a mobile app developer, UX designer followed by prototyping, testing the app & production readiness the time line seemed to be not less than 3-4 months! And yes we were short on budget too and couldn’t afford the times lines and the cost. This seemed like a Moon mission!

Dropsource Arrives!
And then we somehow got to know about Dropsource, got access to the BETA version (Thanks to Dropsource team for a FREE unlimited access!). We literally had a WordPress moment when we got our hands on to Dropsource. It combines & simplifies UI design, coding, testing & production ready app into one single piece of software accessible through browser. We designed, developed and tested our Franchise App for Android platform using Dropsource alone built in flat 3 Weeks during December 2016!

Where is the App?
Franchise App is available for download : BOOKACAN Franchise App - Google Play Store
Currently its available for download in select countries India, US, UK, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa. If you would like run this business locally in your country/city/state then please drop us an email:

Below are the App screens and a brief work flow:

Welcome Screen
Click on “Get Started” to proceed further to Login/Registration screen.

Login/Registration Screen
Registered & approved franchise partners can login with email ID and password. New Franchise registration can applied through registration screen.

Franchise Registration
Franchise registration goes through a valid business document verification and approval process. Only verified and approved partners can login to the App.

Mobile Number Verification
This is a two step process. Enter your 10 digit mobile number followed by a OTP verification sent to your mobile number.

Dashboard provides four high level franchise statistics. Mainly 1] Total earnings till date, 2] Total number of products sold, 3] Number of orders processing and 4] Number of orders shipped

My Orders
This section provides list of assigned orders. Orders can be filtered based on status – completed (shipped) or processing. Individual order details can be accessed by clicking on respective Order.

Order Details & Mark as Shipped
Individual order details include items to be shipped, delivery schedule, payment mode, customer address. Order can be marked shipped by clicking on the hour glass icon at the top right corner.

Profile Screen
Franchise partner profile can be accessed from the top right menu button. Profile screen provides high-level details about the partner business address. Registered email ID and phone number.