Binding row title to UIPicker


Write Error:
Page: main
Element: Table View 1
Element: Table View Cell 5
Element: Picker
The UIPicker element on the ‘main’ page is set to dynamic and is missing a binding to the ‘Row Title’ property.

i am battling to resolve this issue. i just cannot get it right. i want t create a dropdown menu where a user can select an option of pre-loaded data. where do i insert the pre-loaded data and how do i link / bind the row title property to it?

Also, how do i go about to enable a user to upload a photo into the app?


The issue derives from nested dynamic elements. We don’t support this so that’s why you can’t find a way to bind the data to the nested element (picker view).

I want to recommend changing your UI strategy here. This is going to achieve a poor UX since both elements, TableView and pickerviews are both vertically scrolling elements so you’re going to confuse the user when they scroll on 1 spot in there app and the table moves, and another spot on their app and the picker moves. This isn’t ideal.

Remove the pickerview from the tableview and you will find a better experience for the user as well as have access to the data binding you are seeking in your pickerview.

iOS, doesn’t have a native “dropdown” as it’s not in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, which is what we adhere to when we’re building out elements for a native iOS app experience.

Hope this helps the understanding. Keep up the progress!



i got it, thank you for the explanation.


Excellent to hear! Thanks for reaching out!