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Hey guys,

Me and a friend are building an app on Bubble, and we are looking for a way to turn it into an app that can be published on the app stores (iOS & Google Play). We basically only need a wrapper for it, and the webviewer of Dropsource seems to do the trick.
However, do I understand correctly that in order to actually use Dropsource, you need to get the premium plan? Since we’re planning to publish it on both iOS and Android, this would mean that using Dropsource would cost us around $1000, which unfortunately is over our head.
Or is it also possible to get a basic project published in some way? As I said, we only need the web view-function of Dropsource.

Thanks in advance!


Hi there, yes you’re understanding how our Premium Projects work correctly, you would require one project per platform in order to publish your app for both iOS and Android.

To explain a little about Dropsource, it’s really designed to go beyond just presenting content in a Web View, although that is of course supported. We actually have a number of users who have created fully mobile versions of their apps by integrating with backend data from Bubble - you can do this by importing your Swagger specification from Bubble, connecting the dynamic data to a UI built in Dropsource. As well as creating more of a native user experience, this allows you to add mobile-specific functionalities such as location-awareness, access to other device apps and so on.

In terms of our pricing model, it is in the early stages and still evolving, we plan to introduce more payment options in future including monthly billing.

Any feedback on your use case or preferred pricing structure is always appreciated, so please do forward it here or via the Chat inside Dropsource!


Just an update that we now provide a monthly billing option for Dropsource! You can check out the detail here:


Please, we claiming to Monthly Plan


@carolinadgmarques you can see what we offer for plans at

In order to receive the source code to deploy your app to the app stores, you must purchase the annual $999/yr license offered.

Let me know if I can help answer any more questions.