Back Button Text like Null


At Navigation Item, when checking Back Button, I want to set the text of it to “Back”, but running on simulator appears default last page name, not the text I wrote.


I think this happens when you use the default back button navigation, if you uncheck Back Button Enabled and instead use the left or right navigation item properties you should be able to set whatever text you like but let us know if that doesn’t work!


Yes, that’s what I was already using! Now that I know that, what is the functionality of it? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


So as I understand it, if you use the back button enabled property it will automatically navigate back to the previous page and set the button to the title of the previous page. If you use the left/right bar items instead, you can set any text you like (or image) but you then need to add an Action to navigate back (Events > Manage for Left Bar Item Tapped event and choose Go Back a Page). Whatever you set as the Navigation Item - Title should appear as the back button from other pages - if that makes sense!

Having had a play around with it just now I think I see what you mean - the Back Button text property doesn’t appear to have any effect so I’m not sure if that’s a bug or I’m just missing how it’s supposed to work - will ask the development team and post back when I know more!


That’s what I meant! :sweat_smile: Just by being curious now :joy:


Hey Sergio, just to confirm there is definitely a bug in how the back button text is being rendered. The functionality should be: set that Back Button text if you want to override the default behavior, otherwise the Navigation Item - Title property of the previous page will appear. Currently that option to override the text isn’t working, I’m not sure when the fix will be available but hopefully you can achieve what you need for now! Thanks for flagging it up. :smiley_cat: