AWS Mobile Hub Documentation or Guidance


I was wondering if you had any documentation regarding Dropsource integration with the AWS Mobile Hub.
Obviously there arethe settings for the AWS Mobile Hub which is great, however, I am not sure quite how its leveraged beyond filling it in as most of the Mobile Hub features require adding plists and frameworks to use them.

I’ve been connecting to AWS Lambda, Step Functions, DynamoDB and S3 using API Gateway and my own REST API, which works just fine, however I was in the process of doing the same for user registration/authentication with Cognito and noticed the Mobile Hub settings which would obviously be quicker if there was some form of integration.

Thanks for any input.


Hello @steve1, We don’t have additional documentation beyond what we have at . I looked through it and there’s not much to expand on AWS Mobile Hub as of now. That’s not to say that more won’t be added in the future.

I can reach out to our engineers on specific needs and try to offer additional insights however. Feel free to offer more context, screenshots, and any details that may help us to offer more info though.


Thanks @wade
What I was specifically looking at was the user login component of mobile hub, which is outlined at the following link

The alternative is using Cognito itself through their hosted URL, which works, but is less graceful.

Thanks again


Hi @steve1, That’s fantastic context. Thanks for explaining. I looked deeper into our offering regarding AWS mobile hub and we are not currently setup in our AWS integration to work with this more robust login opportunity. it would be more graceful than Cognito but we’re not setup to handle it currently.