Are "Views" Not Actionable on IOS like they are on Android?


I have created the below with Views and was going to link each view to an action:


I realized on IOS there are no ‘tapped’ events for views though…

I tried to put a Button control element INSIDE the view, and constrain it 0/0/0/0 and change the Alpha style to 0 (transparent) but that doesn’t seem to work. I have also adjusted the hierarchy in case one was sitting beneath the other and making it unclickable.

How is the best way to achieve these look if the views don’t have Events associated with them?


You’re right about Views and no tap events. Couldn’t you use buttons completely instead of views at all to create this?


I tried to put a button below / above and also inside of the view but that doesn’t work. Nothing is clickable on the button whether it’s above or below or inside.

Are you suggesting I put it on the main page with labels overlapping the button?

I’m attempting to preserve a look when the page scales and I’m trying to use a view to reference constraints from is the issue.

Your help appreciated


Ah sorry I probably worded it wrong. Buttons have an image property themselves. You could craft an image for how you want the button to look itself and assign it to the image property of the button.


Just wanted to update here in case anybody else runs into the issue in the future, but what I did was I used a label and I filled the view edge to edge without any text because a label is actionable and then you can preserve the look of The View below the label.

It works well instead of an image background that can be distorted on a larger screen.


Ah that’s a neat tactic. You’re becoming a real Dropsource McGyver. Great work stretching out boundaries and uncovering creative solutions.