Appended Numbers Truncated


Hi Guys,

I have an issue with appending an integer whose value is more than 9,999,999 to a text. The appended text becomes truncated. The length of the text element is enough to accommodate the entire text.

Could you kindly advise where I am going wrong?

Kind regards,
Timothy Mugendi


Hi @TimNjeru, the issue may be caused by your number being converted to a different type when you append it to a string. I’d recommend trying just to bind the number value directly to a text element instead of using it in an append action first.


In addition to Sue’s suggestion, you could also try changing the data type defined in your Swagger for all “price” fields to be Doubles. To do so, you specify "format": "double" in addition to the "type": "number" that’s already defined.


Thanks @sue. Your method is easiest but i was curious to know why not append a number. I will try @scheatham method then share findings.