App store error - apps must be built with the iOS 13 include in Xcode 11


@wade @Nate @sue everyone!
Since Jun 30, its not posible publish dropsource apps to apple store (I think you already know) The app need run with Xcode 11 but in Xcode 11 apps have swift version error.
I need to know if u will support in this days or definitly I have to start project again in other place.

thks a lot!


@wade, @Nate

Could we please get an update? When can we expect an update and timeline for when we’ll be able to publish apps to the Apple App Store?

Thank you.


Hey Anthony,

We got you. Let me get you connected with the engineers so we can get this issue solved for you faster. Shoot me over an email to with a Build ID for the version you want to publish and I’ll take care of the rest.

Thanks Anthony!