App Not Showing On Device Although Installed


I’m trying to work through issues where one signal is unable to send a notification to the device, and one of their support Representatives asked me to look for the device app notification permission setting however the app does not show in the list of apps and otherwise appears to be uninstalled, although it certainly is on the device…

Where do i go from here?


Interesting. Have you requested authorization for notifications in the app? The setting doesn’t exist in the iphones settings app until the request is offered and a choice is made in your app.


This is on Android.

The issue is the device is somehow unsubscribed inside of Onesignal and i cant figure out how to re subscribe because the app doesnt show up in Notification Settings permissions to turn the toggle back on. I actually dont think i ever turned it off, or on, on my new device that has been problematic thus far.

Not sure what i do from here?


I see. Could you reply with a Build ID since it’s been setup in your project and let me know what pages you have its implementation in place? I want to walk through your workflow from the App’s perspective and see if I can spot anything out of the norm. For speed, please describe how you’ve positioned this in your app so I can get right to the important parts.

If the app presents an authorization request to the user and the user chooses, that should setup its toggle in Android OS’s settings app.


I have installed and re-installed the test app many times now.

When i re-install it, it doesn’t ask me if the app should send notifications ever.

Should this be occuring on initial startup?


Yes on initial setup, when you ask for authorization, it should prompt correctly.

When you “re-install the app” on your device, do you trash the old 1 first or is it just being overwritten on the new install? Maybe that’s the issue?


The strange thing is it doesn’t ask me…

I did trash it (uninstall first) then re-install the newly downloaded one from Dropsource.


I keep forgetting your on Android. The authorization is an iOS thing. Apologies I am getting platforms mixed up.

For my own due diligence, have walked through our OneSignal integration guide here?

If onesignal is saying your device is unsubscribed, does that mean that they did indeed collect info on the device at 1 point then if they know that part? You might want to reach out to their forum/support and see if they have info on these portions of this as well.

What happens in OneSignal when you attempt a test notification to the app on device?

And if you’d pass me a recent successful build id and tell me where to find the notifications actions you’ve implemented in your app (Page/event), I’ll take a look. It gets a little trickier to research these on my own as you have a OneSignal side of this to trigger test notifications too but I will look and see if you’re setup correct on the Dropsource side of things.