App Marketing/Promotion


I’m wanting to re launch an app I made back in beta with a lot of new features that are now available from within Dropsource. For this app I thinking affiliate marketing would be the best option. However I’m having a hard time finding a way to do that. Does Apple/Google offer something like that that I am missing?

So far my ideas are:

#1 Add a referral code system in the app which would also need to provide value to the user too which gets complicated.

#2 Create a sharable custom url for influencers to promote which would only work for Pay-Per-Click and not actually reward based off of sells.

#3 Just offer a lump sum that runs the risk of wasiting money and also not giving affiliates any real incentives to get results.

Ideally I pay out about 20-30% per app purchase but not sure how.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @mackenly.j,

I believe the referral code generation and tracking bit is something you would need to solve outside of your app with a 3rd party service, and then perhaps you could have a prompt in your app to allow the new user to enter a referral code to give the referrer credit. We don’t have anything setup internally to handle this sort of integration. BUT there are programs out there that allow you to obtain referral codes so if you can perhaps have those referral codes populate a Google sheet or a Bubble database for instance, you could have an API call to submit to these databases by a user that enters a referral code in. That seems like a way to make this happen for you.


I would do this however in order to get people to do it I’d need to offer a reward to the people too. Which gets complicated. Maybe I could do a download sent by email from bubble. :thinking: Anyways thanks.


There’s probably a way. I’ll keep stewing on this and add anything that comes up. I do understand the horse before the cart predicament in this need though.


@wade I think Firebase’s dynamic links would work because it will send users to the app store, open the app, or open a website based off of what device the user is using. It also has built in analytics that track downloads and more. If only dropsource supported more Firebase products.


Interesting deep dive into using Firebase this way. It’s very well possible it could be a solution. We aren’t actively building out any deeper implementation into our Firebase integration. I will add a vote to Firebase’s deeper involvement in the feature request tracker however.


If Dropsource added more complete integrations with Firebase it would open up new opportunities for back ends, ML kit (Ai), storage, analytics, and so much more. Maybe those will be able to be achieved when/if the plugin system is released.