App Lifecycle Events - build error


Hi @sue @wade and dropsource team!
i have a problem when create a lifeclycle event -> Build could not be initiated
can u check please!!
my build id 1215075632194384850



Hello @gpremper,

I’m looking at your project and it dealt with issues in how OneSignal Notifications were being used. However, I see now that you’re builds are succeeding.

Is this because you solved the issue on your side already?


Thks @wade
i had to delete this event to publish.
But i really need do an action when user open the notification.
In this moment only save the notification id in a device variable makes the build error.



HI @gpremper. We don’t have an action for when a notification is opened but there’s a lifecycle event for when a notification is responded to. Maybe this will be something you could put into action?


yes @wade but when add action set device variable
have Compile Error

We encountered an unknown error when trying to compile your project. Please contact support so that our team can investigate in order to resolve the issue.



I see. Ok can you supply me the Build ID for that 1 with the error. I’ll take a look at the code.


Thanks @wade,
The build is



The issue seems to arise somewhere in how you’re handling your Push Notifications in your OneSignal implementations. Are you trying to store a notification in a Device variable or something. I’m not exactly what’s happening so far but it’s strange and deals with what you’re doing with One Signal Notifications. You may want to step through all implementation of notifications and perhaps if needed, re-do this part of your project all the way from turning off OneSignal completely, rebuilding successfully, and then proceed to reintegrate because something is off here.