App Lifecycle Events - build error


Hi @sue @wade and dropsource team!
i have a problem when create a lifeclycle event -> Build could not be initiated
can u check please!!
my build id 1215075632194384850



Hello @gpremper,

I’m looking at your project and it dealt with issues in how OneSignal Notifications were being used. However, I see now that you’re builds are succeeding.

Is this because you solved the issue on your side already?


Thks @wade
i had to delete this event to publish.
But i really need do an action when user open the notification.
In this moment only save the notification id in a device variable makes the build error.



HI @gpremper. We don’t have an action for when a notification is opened but there’s a lifecycle event for when a notification is responded to. Maybe this will be something you could put into action?