App keeps stopping


Created a very simple 2-page app. It compiles cleanly, without error messages.

Bit It keeps stopping, either on my Android phone or in the emulator. (see attached)

Is there a debugger or system logs error msgs somewhere where I can get a hint as to why this is happening?


I went through the hassle of downloading the source code into Android Studio exactly as specified here

as you can see, the deal is that Android Studio cannot read the unzipped files
or load my project – which is probably why is also fails on my mobile phone or the emulator – the build is wrong
I don/t know. I am at near the point of ditching Dropsource as it appears to be cause a lol of more trouble than it’s worth. Definitely useless to anyone who is not a deep core developer – either there is something fundamentally wrong with my app (as compiled successfully in the Editor) or today is just not my day.

over and out.




If you can open a support request inside Dropsource our engineers will help to troubleshoot your app crash - you should have access to support inside the editor if you’re still within your free trial period.


Has there been any progress with this issue? I just released my Android app, and while some Android users can download the app and run it with no issue, others are having major issues, where as soon as they download it and attempt to run it, they get “Statuz keeps stopping”. FYI, Google Play has not recorded any crash data


Hi @chris, to some extent app crashes on certain devices are an inevitable issue when you publish due to the range of devices in use. We don’t have a generic solution for this but do hope to add support for third party crash tracking services at some point that should help. Right now we basically have to troubleshoot issues on a case by case basis, if you can find out e.g. what devices / os versions are affected etc that can help. You could alternatively add crash analysis functionality to your app source code prior to publication.


This is true, but it’s something I’m doing wrong with my deployment. I say this because my test apk works fine, but when I deploy it, it fails. I guess I need to have you guys redeploy for me. But I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong as I won’t be able to afford your dev support services.


I see @wade is helping with this in live chat.


I’ve received your deployment request and notified our Android engineer as well. I’m wondering if the issue pertains to similar issues regarding a hotfix we put out around the same time as your last deployment. A few customers were experiencing consistent errors too.

I’ve CC’d you on the deployment request email. Let see if this new build fixes this crash you’re experiencing.