App Crashing but no build errors


Builds starting to fail again with no errors at 7:00pm CST
Build: 1148382941056520921


I literally have not been able to work on my project in the evening for two weeks now.


@chris we’re working to solve this issue internally. Engineering is putting a post together addressing this to all that will explain it better than I. I apologize for this major issue and are really appreciative for your patience while we solve this problem.


@chris First, I apologize for the recurring issue, we have had quite the struggle pinning down the issue. Long story short, our iOS compilers that compile the iOS source code when you build had an issue that would cause issues on a 12 hour rotation which is why you were seeing recurring build fails at night. Unfortunately, this issue only happened in our production environment so we didn’t have a great way of testing it. We have deployed what we think will fix the issue and were able to successfully run your builds last night on the machines.

If you would, please run some of your builds tonight and let us know if they work. We are keeping a close eye on this. Please continue to work with us as we pin this down. Hopefully this issue is behind us now though!



Glad to hear. I have always said, this is an amazing invention and this product has so much potential. so I’m willing to fight through the challenges with you guys. I have a ton of testing to do this evening, so I will definitely be cranking out builds. I will let you know how it goes.


We appreciate that, @chris ! I’ll be on alert later, please contact us if you experience any issues