App crashes on android 8, fine on samsung(s), android 7


Hey everyone,

Our app is in beta and we are having a lot of people test on many different devices. I get consistent feedback that the app crashes immediately or during use on Android 8 (i.e. Huawei p10). It works perfectly normal on other devices.

One user opens the app and the opening screen is visible for a second and then it shuts down (i have a video, but apparently we can’t upload)

Another user on android 8 could open the app and navigate around for a while but then it crashed. Subsequently the user tried to open the app again but then it began crashing on opening, just like the user i mentioned above.

Is this a dropsource bug?



Hi Asger,

I don’t have a device to test this on, on my side. If you have access to 1, you might want to pull down your source code and run it through Android Studio. You can connect the phone to your computer and run it from Android Studio to that phone as a live device simulator, then when the app crashes you can see more information in the console logs in Android Studio. They would be helpful to see what’s going on for that specific device use case here.