App Crashes due to Run API


My app keeps crashing if a dynamic list is refreshed by invoking the Run Api action and not waiting for it to finish and going to a different page.

I don’t want to lock up the page until the api Request is completed because that would just create a poor UX.
I tried using the Stop Refreshing List action before letting the user go to another page, but the app still crashes…


Hi @umer.snap… I’d like to find out the reason for the specific crash.

Can you supply a successful Build ID for your app and specific instructions for opening the app and creating the crash?


Hi @wade I narrowed down the issue and found out that because I was using the “Set Value” action when a Status 200 response came back for the “Run API” action. The app would crash because the page would be destroyed when the user would navigate to a different page therefor the “Set Value” action could not be completed which would crash the app.


Excellent troubleshooting!!! Thank you very much for the update as well. Keep on going. You’re doing great!