API Setup without a spec file?


I have an API endpoint that I have working in Postman. It is a POST request that has some info in the JSON body and it returns JSON. I dont have spec file but have teh URL and the headers and body:


How can I create without a spec file from the owner?
I have a SWAGGER endpoint:
https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/osninc/default-title/0.1#/default/post_cloud_api_v1_endpoints_e7762587_1426_47ac_b5d5_d9b2836ec89b_executions but it wont load into the API tool regardless if I give it the URL or upload what I downloaded even though it is a JSON file


Hi @tim1, If you have a swagger endpoint, you can create a Swagger file and import that into the API section. That’s how Dropsource knows what parameters and setup need to occur or the Request to succeed as well as what the formation of data will be arriving in your GET Request as well.

We have a doc that breaks down how to create a spec file. You’ll need to go this route to supply your project with enough info for Dropsource to do its job.

Great question. If you search Swagger as well in the forum, you’ll see other questions and answers related to this as well.

Feel free to follow up if you have any more questions on this as you create your spec file.



Thanks Wade. I did manage to create a Swagger file but Im still getting an error when trying to upload. Is there a a way to attach a file to this thread ?



Hi @tim1… yup looks like a Swagger file in the making there. What error are you seeing when I try to import your Swagger Spec file into Dropsource?