API Response data not binding to app UI


It appears that none of my API data is binding to my app. My posts are working (uploading photos, saving data, but none of my GETs). I can get int values back, but anything that binds to a field is not working. I get data back when I test my APIs, but nothing in the app. Never seen this before.


I restructured my API architecture, and it looks like I had to delete my app from my phone and reinstall it, now it consumes my calls again.


Download the app to your actual device and test there.

I have had this issue before when things don’t appear in the web viewer, but they do indeed bind and show up on the page when you test it on a real device.


I think my issue had something to do with some massive structural changes I did on my backend. It was like the app cached to old schema or something. Once I deleted it, and did a fresh re-installed, the bindings all worked again. Thanks for chiming in.