Android Notifications - Help


Hi there,

I am looking at either Firebase or OneSignal to have notifications in an app I’m building, but having trouble wrapping my head around the steps needed to link either of these services into DropSource.

If anyone has had access in making this work, any pointers would be great.




Hi there, to use either of these you’ll need to enter some details in your app Settings (on the left of the editor) - you’ll see a button for each service. For Firebase you’ll need the Google JSON file (this tutorial is on user auth which is slightly different but includes how to download that file: For OneSignal you’ll need to add your App ID and Project Number from OneSignal.

The workflow you use for the notifications depends on your use case, but in Lifecycles on the left of the editor you can respond to the notifications being received (you’ll see various related events in there).


Don’t these services have to be used together? One Signal instructs you to set up your Sender ID through Firebase. I’m chiming in because I asked a question along the same lines of this topic.


Not 100% clear on what the question is here…?


So do I have to use two different push technologies for iOS (One Signal) and Android (Firebase)?


I’d say it depends on the detail of what you’re trying to accomplish but in general we’ve optimized each platform for the more commonly used notifications services on that platform if that makes sense.


I’m just going to split it out and use logic in my API to send for each respective platform. It’s just going to be easier. I think you guys should just strip out One Signal from the Android platform. There is no clear definition on how One Signal can be implemented on the Android platform, and ultimately it isn’t anyway. I’m using tags on the iOS platform to send to users, but tags aren’t an option on the Android platform with One Signal. There I have to use topics for Firebase. Definitely should just strip it out.


Managing it from your API certainly sounds like a sensible option. :+1:


Hi chris… This is an old post but I would love to speak to you regarding tags…


Sure, anytime. Are you thinking via here or a phone call?


Hey Chris - a call would be great! What’s your number?


Sure, no problem: 314.219.4189