Android not encoding any photos


Android is not encoding any of the photos that I’m uploading.


Also, after I set my image value in the Pick Image to Take Photo event, no other set values will take. This is before I try to encode the image, which isn’t working as well.


I have a help resource tutorial on creating a Photo Saver App. IN the tutorial we talk about encoding images for requests. A good place to start troubleshooting would be to see if your attempt differs from the way we describe in the tutorial. Have a look and if it’s still an issue, share some screenshots on your workflow as well as a Build ID so I can see how you’re attempting this and dig deeper to investigate further if need be.


Yes Wade, I have followed this. It’s pretty much the same as in iOS, which works seamlessly for me. Here is the workflow:

First we hit the camera button to capture a photo:

I leave the sample size blank and choose High Quality

Then I set the image asset with the capture photo (this works)

But then I run into my first issue. Nothing else in this captured event fires. This button does not get displayed when I set it’s value to visible:

So I leave the upload button visible at all times and I then try to encode the image:

But it’s failing out to the logic to display the toast message that it was unable to encode the image:

You can investigate using: Build ID: 1176566931063709117


Ill have a look. My guess is something happening and the entire Photo Captured actions aren’t completing so its writing out when there’s no image in that imageProfilePhoto asset to encode.

I’ll see what I can see. Thanks for the info!


Okay, keep me posted. If it’s something I’m doing wrong, just let me know.


Any updates on this issue yet?


@wade checking back to see if there are any updates on this issue.


From what I ca see i the code, I’m not sure where it’s erring as of yet. I am having trouble testing on a device when I sign up. I’m trying to go to the profile screen and it’s crashing there as well.

Can you supply me a test login credential and the path that won’t crash the app so I can get to this point and test the code while experiencing what you’re seeing? For the life of me, I can’t make it work with my own account so I need some help to even get to the issue in question here on an actual Android device.


Try this build: Build ID: 1178744851171258274
This one should have all the bugs worked out minus the photo capture issue.
If you want, you can use my creds: pass: Admin10!


  1. Login (redirects to home page)
  2. Tap the options drop down and select Profile
  3. On the profile page select either the car or profile picture icon. Both pages execute identical capture functionality.


I’ve run the app in Android Studio to step through the code. It looks like the state isn’t being saved after the capture event.


I reached out to engineering with my findings and asking for their help on this 1. I’m not seeing the issue. I’ll report back when I know more here.

What file and function are you noticing this State not being saved? Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot.


It’s in the ProfilePhoto and the CarPhoto pages of my Android project. Can you upload a photo? As I said, the code doesn’t throw an error, but it’s not uploading.


@wade This is what’s happening. I choose a photo, and the asset does not get set in the image view.



Right. This is what I see too. I’m not certain why. I’ve reached out to Engineering to help understand and uncover why.


Okay cool, as long as you see it too.


Hi Chris,

I have no update as of yet but will let you know as soon as I do.


@wade any update on this yet?


I don’t have an update to share but I will inquire and pass any info when I receive it. Thank you for your patience.


Alright @chris this one was weird but the issue is that you’re loading the profile image on the ProfilePhoto page onStart event. What is happening is that when you take the picture, onStart fires again, re-downloading the profile image, and replacing the image that was just taken.

To resolve this, you need to move the Display Image From URL action to onCreate