Android Error Logging


There needs to be a way to view Android crash logs. Android experiences severe run-time crashes when developing, in a way iOS does not. It leaves you as a developer lost as to what happened.


+1 for this.
Being able to view the Logcat output for Android will be huge when debugging. Together with the current network log it will make debugging in dropsource very easy.

And I think it’s very doable.
I believe the dropsource simulator is from which from my understanding of their documentation has support for outputting the Logcat.
Under the app Permission field there is a debugLog key

debugLog: view your app’s NSLog or Logcat output

There have been times that I had to export my dropsource app to android studio just so I can run and view the Logcat to see why my app is crashing


And assuming dropsource can show the Logcat ( or NSLog) output, then the next logical step is to add a log action.
So that developers can easily log some information to test values of variables instead of the current practice of adding a text element (or using an alert) to show value of variables when debugging.


Good stuff. I will say the iOS dev experience on Dropsource is far superior.


I also agree on the logging action to test values during runtime. I’ll ask around and see if that’s on our radar at all and if not, ask what we can do about it for the future.


Yeah I think this was discussed a while back via appetize as @seanhoots is suggesting but not sure on the status so let’s check in on that.


Just an update that the team has been discussing options to include this in a future version of Dropsource.