Android Deep-Linking


Hi @wade is Deep linking possible on Dropsource? Android Deep Linking

Also can you please have my project cleaned from all the deleted API fields?
Build ID: 1135385696008114300


Hi @umer.snap,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, Deeplinking isn’t available.

I don’t think we have the ability to delete/clean up api’s like that. I think if that is something you’d like to remove, try deleting the API and reapplying it perhaps?


I have over 40+ references to the API spread out on 16 pages in the app. Deleting requires me to delete every single reference one by one and then deleting the entire API and then adding it again and go back to every single Run Api Event and adding it. Dropsource should really consider giving us the ability to clean up the deleted Api fields.


I see. Thank you for explaining in depth. I can see where the frustration stems from. I will pass this along to engineering so the information makes it up the chain.