Android build just failed


My Android build just failed, can you please review my project in order to resolve this issue? My build id is 1237769359633258916


Hello @chrchdro. Thanks for reaching out. I saw you asked as well in the Messaging service and I responded there. There were a few similar requests that came in overnight so we’re checking internally to see if something occurred. Can you please attempt to rebuild your Android project and let me know if it’s still showing a build error?


Build ID: 1238054801532973860
This build was unsuccessful.

still failed


Thank you for the information. We’ve recognized this as an internal issue and I will update you here and in the 1 to 1 message as soon as I hear from engineering. Thank you for your patience while we solve this issue.


Hi @wade do you know if the issue persist?

I try to test my android app and failed every time.



Yea we’re working on a solution now. Would you test for me 1 more time please.


still the same

Status: Failed

Test Configuration: Web simulator

Build Date: 03/13/2020 at 8:36 PM

Build ID: 1238655167405679657

This build was unsuccessful.


Thank you. Ok the engineers are still tackling this 1. I’ll update as I know more. Thanks for your patience. Seems to be internal to our builder currently


Build 26

Status: Failed

Test Configuration: Web simulator

Build Date: 03/15/2020 at 8:15 AM

Build ID: 1238997147796227883

This build was unsuccessful.

any update? @wade


Hey @chrchdro, just got some good follow ups from engineering. Would you build your app again?


Thank you for working well


Excellent!! Thanks for working with me on this issue!