Android apk need to change package id


Hello Forum,
I am getting an error trying to upload apk.

I get an error saying package id already exists.

I have tried changing to com.myapp.mycompany but then I get some error in studio?

I have tried changing the package name as well.

Any insight or documentation would be appreciated:grin:


Hi there, if you’re trying to install the app on your device you’ll need to uninstall any previous version.


I was trying to upload apk to google play developer. I am sooo close to getting this done I think.:slight_smile:


OK so your package name will need to be unique, typically you would reference a domain that you own. The official Android developer guidelines should help.


Yeah I changed it to mine but I am getting errors:sweat:


Hi Falkor,

Could you privately message me a link to your project? I’d be happy to take a look.


Here’s some general information in case other users stumble across this thread:

A “package ID” or “application ID” is meant to be uniquely identify your application. The package ID belongs to your organization, company, product, or personal brand. It is often derived from your domain name. For example, our website here is As such, the package IDs we use for our code start with com.dropsource. At Google, their code falls under the package. If your company’s website is located at, your package ID would be com.awesomecompany.

Once you have the base package established, you then nest things further based on a specific product, tool, application, or service. For example, if your company is making a mobile app named “Amazing App”, then your package ID for it would be com.awesomecompany.amazingapp.

Running with this pattern allows you to ensure that your mobile apps never conflict with other company’s mobile apps. It is also why Google won’t let you submit an application to the Play Store if its declared package ID already exists in their system. The “default” package ID declared in your Dropsource Project should be changed to match your organization before attempting to submit it to the Play Store.

I’d also like to note that once you’ve deployed the application to the Play Store, you can’t change it later.

Please let me know if you need any clarification!

What should my Package ID be on Andoird?

How can we install apk files on window 10?


I’m unsure as I don’t have the hardware to test this out myself.

When you say “install apk files”… what do you mean by that. Do you mean physically having the files on your computer? Do you mean uploading it to the Chrome App Store?

Just clear me up with what you’re trying to do exactly here and what sort of errors and such are you identifying?