All of issues I am experiencing lately



These are the things I have experienced in the last month (I didn’t experience it before).

Static list
I added multiple texts in the list tile and a tapped event on the list tile. The issue: tapped even won’t execute if the user clicked on the text. They have to click on a blank section. Before you can click on any part of tile and it will execute.

Dynamic tile
Same as above, added multiple texts and tapped event. Issue: user can only click the first text on the tile otherwise it won’t execute

Crashes on page with map and reverse geocode on web simulator
Whenever I have a page that has a map and reverse geocode, my app always crashes on simulator. But if I use ir on device or android studio simulator they are fine. This has made me spent hours of work troubleshooting because I thought my logic is am issue but it is actually the web simulator.

Android scroll view
Any element under scroll view will shrink even if we use 100 percent width. I think dropsource is aware of this.

Are any of you aware of these issues?


Hello @rkresnadi, I’m happy to break these down here. May I ask that in the future to keep consistency in the architecture of the forum postings, would you consider creating separate posts for each different contextual item? This step allows for more accurate searches in the future and adds value to the Dropsource developer community as a whole. We all love your extremely valuable participation in the forum and would love to leverage that with posts that are searchable for other community members that have the same great questions you’re bringing up here.

Static list
Much the same as nesting scrolling elements within scrolling elements won’t create a good user experience, tappable elements with tappable elements nested within them will also not bode well for a clean experience for your users. Lists have cells and if those cells are tappable, adding a sub-element that is also tappable like a textfield is not advised. The app will not know what the user intends from the same tap. If you notice for instance in your phones Contacts app, in order to edit a contact, you can’t tap the cells contact name and edit it there. In that app you need to tap the cell to go into a details screen where there are editing workflows built on that screen. This is on purpose as the app wouldn’t know if you want to see contact details or adjust the name with that single tap on the cell.

Dynamic Tile
This again feeds into the longer explanation in the above item. Nesting tappable items into other tappable items will not be a clean user experience. The recommendation is to adjust your design to introduce a cleaner workflow into your design. If you find yourself in a situation where the actual cell in the listview does not need to be tappable, you can turn this off in the styles pane for the listview. This will allow your textviews to be the only tappable element and the app will understand the reason for the user’s tap better.

Crashes on page with map and reverse geocode on web simulator
Unfortunately web simulators do not handle GPS abilities like the embedded hardware capabilities inside your actual phone does. When testing map/gps features, you’ll find a more reliable experience testing on your actual device in these situations. With the new pricing adjustments, all Dropsource Developers can test projects on devices now.

Android scroll view
We are aware and working on the issue when it comes to inferring intrinsic sizing for scrollviews. There is a issue currently being resolved on the Android side addressing this issue. Follow the forum to learn more on this development. Timeline has its completion before the end of the year but it’s also still in development so it’s good to know it’s on the way. Scrollviews are posing interesting challenges with the new Constraints engine and we appreciate all the feedback we’re receiving in our developer community member’s use cases associated with scrollviews in your apps. Thanks for your patience as we are working towards sorting out these gaps in our scrollview element implementation.


Sorry I meant text view in those static and dynamic list. My design is very intuitive and clean and it works the same as most apps, such as email app, where user will see a few text views and it will open the detail info after the user click the list tiles.

As with most apps, you don’t have to click on a specific text or area to open the next page, just click the entire tile. It works in my other pages in the same app, but not the ones I created this month.



Just a note that if you want a tile to be tappable it’s best to disable interaction on any elements inside it such as text views (in Properties - uncheck Enabled).


I see @rkresnadi. I think @sue probably delivered the tip you need there. Turning off the tap ability on the sub elements will leave the cell as the only element that can be tapped and then the entire cell will perform as you’re intending I believe.


@sue those text views are disabled. On the other hand I also have an image in the tile that’s still enabled but it is tappable.

I have other pages that were created a while back but they work fine. Only the ones created lately. I think it is a bug.


Hi @rkresnadi, I think you’re right in thinking this is a bug, I’ve been able to reproduce it and so has one of our QA engineers - it only seems to be an issue in text views with more than one line in them, single line text views seem to work. Anyway the team will look into it and we’ll let you know when we have some news.


I’ve written this up as a bug internally and will update as we deploy a fix for this. Thank you for bring this up @rkresnadi and following on the details as well. Your input is helping the whole community. Thank you for your contributions!


@rkresnadi while we wait for Dropsource to push a fix, if you’re impatient like me here is a trick i use (borrowed from bubble).
Place a view on top of the list tile. Make it transparent so the content of the cell is displayed.
Also you can make it 100% width and height of the tile.
Then add your actions to the On Tap event of this view.

Like most workarounds there is always a catch. For this it is the inconvenience of editing the cell elements in dropsource.
Because the view is on top of the cell content when you want to edit the cell content like the text, you will have to temporary move it on top of the view using the element tree.
So whenever I use this trick i do it last minute when i think i’m done editing the cell content.

But functionality-wise it works perfectly. In fact in bubble this is a common strategy to make the whole of a repeating group’s cell clickable.


Thank you @sue and @wade.

Additional note on your bug write up. In the dynamic list, it works slightly different than static. If you have multi line text , only the first one is clickable. So you have to click the first text, anywhere else, even the blank space won’t be clickable.

@seanhoots, nice trick. I have done it in bubble as well. Thanks


Thank you both for the added tips here. @seanhoots that’s a slick workaround there.


Do we have any update on tappable list and sizing issue with scroll view?


Hellp @rkresnadi, we have added a fix in for the scrollview that allows it to figure out intrinsic sizes without relying on subviews as heavily. You should more favorable results with that feature now. I let a couple users know that were experiencing the same issue but forgot to post it here. Thanks for the reminder.

As for the Tappable list item solving. This adjustment is a bit more intense and will come in few updates from now. Keep an eye out on release announcements in the forum. I will post an update post with the releases now to better inform our community. We also will post in our release notes too