Adding shadows to elements


Afternoon everyone! So this might be something that has to be done outside of Dropsource but is there a way to add a shadow to an element. I see that there’s an option in the set value options for shadow but I can’t set it to anything. Is this something that is possible? Shadows add an extra visual element that gives the app a nice pop. Thanks!


:zombie: Shaaaadoowwww!


Interesting Question. I’ve never actually given it a go.

What element would you like to add 1 to. I can mess around on my side a little too and see what I come up with too. This is prolly just a bit of tinkering to find out if we have enough in place to integrate the ability to do it or not.


Hey @wade. I was wondering if it could be added to a collection cell? I tried but I’m not sure how that works or if it’s possible. So each collection would be spaced about 15px apart then each on would have a shadow under each one. See below:


I see what you’re trying to go for. I’ve been fiddling around with settings in a project but I’m not getting close to this in my attempts to hack it together with what we have the ability to do within Dropsource. The only thing I can think that would get it close would be to use a background image in a cell that would fake/give it the shadow but the cells can’t be spread apart so there’s still that line breaking up the cells it seems like.

I don’t think we can create this effect 100% unfortunately. It’s a nice touch though.


Thanks Wade. Maybe in the future. Feature request! Visual elements , even as simple as this, would make an app pop a little more.


I don’t disagree with you here. I’ll tag it as a feature request.