Add ability to collapse element height when hidden - setVisibility(GONE)


Hi guys, i know this has been asked before but it seems the OP found a way to achieve why he asked for this feature request so I will like to ask it again.

I’m requesting for the ability to collapse an element height when hidden (not visible).
This is a very powerful feature that will enable creating dynamic layouts.
Luckily it is very straight forward to implement (at least I know for android).

So in android the SetVisiblity function has three possible parameters ( VISIBLE , INVISIBLE , or GONE .).
I think currently dropsource use the VISIBLE and INVISIBLE values to hide/unhide elements.

So what i’m kindly requesting is to make the GONE option also available.

You can look at this stackoverflow thread to see the difference between INVISIBLE and GONE.

With this feature coupled with animating the showing or hiding of views you can create some very powerful dynamic UI such accordion (Expand/Collpase) natively in dropsource (see example below)

This short article demonstrates these two features.


Pinging @scheatham and @cchute here. We have this on the feature requests tracker as well. Seanhoots added more detail I wanted to make sure you saw here.