About That Time Again


It feels like it’s about time for another Dropsource update and it’s been a while (over 3 months) so this one feels like it might be exciting! Any news or teasers?


Same feeling here.
I always look up to new updates and this round has taking so long in coming.

Maybe something big is about to drop (my wishful thinking, plugins :sunglasses:)


I am scared with no code. when dropsource went bankrupt even though I didn’t expect it. In my opinion we must keep learning the code and start building applications. I hope the video player feature can be available here but I haven’t got it yet. Because of that I learned to make an android application with java and android studio


What are you talking about?


When I saw that comment my heart nearly missed a beat. :open_mouth:.
But after reading the post again i think what he means is “if dropsource should go bankrupt even though I don’t expect it”.
From the post it seams @Mieyaa may not be an english speaker.


Sorry if i mean its hard to understand. Thank you @seanhoots for helping clarify my statement.
cc: @markpiller


Lemme clear the air here because even I read that and thought “What?”. LOL! Dropsource is doing just fine everyone. You haven’t had an update in a while and there is news coming on the horizon. Our engineers are heads down ruthlessly and as soon as we get the green light to share what we’re cooking up, I’ll be chiming the dinner bell. (Anyone old enough to know that reference?)