This forum is for you, our growing community of Dropsource users, to share information, get help with any issues related to your app projects, find out about platform-related news such as bug fixes, get guidance on choosing tools and resources to use in conjunction with Dropsource, and read updates from your fellow community members.


Get support:

  • Ask for help on any problem with your app that you can’t find an answer for in either the forum or the help center (the help center has a search function and an FAQ you might find the answer in). This forum is an environment for shared learning, so by posting your question here you’ll be helping any users with the same issues in future to find an answer quickly. There are no bad questions!

When asking for help, please observe the following guidelines for a speedy and helpful response:

  • Pick the most relevant category for your question—this will increase the likelihood that you’ll receive a useful response and make the information more easily discoverable for anyone looking for it future.
  • Check to see if your question has already been answered. If you find a similar question, post a new topic instead of commenting on an existing topic if your issue is not exactly the same. If you feel your new topic is related to another one, please include a link to it in your post.
  • Choose a title that summarizes your question as clearly as possible—this will encourage people who might be able to help to click on your topic.
  • Provide as much detail as possible, ideally including screenshots of any relevant areas of the editor. If your issue involves carrying out a series of steps, include them in your post so that others can try to reproduce it. Explain what you’re trying to do, what you’re expecting to happen, and what is happening.

Show us what you made in Dropsource!

  • Share your stories on working with the platform, releasing your apps, and any other aspect of the app development experience. As well as being hugely valuable to other community members, we regularly highlight user apps throughout our marketing and social media communications. Regardless of whether you’re a new or experienced Dropsource user, your thoughts and observations will be valuable to others.

Join in:

  • Collaborate with other users on projects, whether simply by discussing ideas or sharing resources related to any aspect of your app, from back-end development to design, implementation, and publishing.
  • Report bugs you’ve found in Dropsource. Check out the bugs category first in case an issue has already been reported. We check these postings regularly and will update when a fix is planned / released.
  • Respond to other member questions. If you think you might know the answer to a question another member asked—post it! The Dropsource team always tries to respond quickly to posts, but with a user base that’s truly global, there may sometimes be a delay caused by us being in different timezones. Your forum contributions are acknowledged with a range of badges and we are always keen for members to participate in the community in more meaningful ways.
  • Get involved in any existing discussions that you think you might be able to make a positive contribution to. You’ll notice that you can respond to posts in a variety of ways, including likes and sharing—these are all valuable ways to contribute and improve the experience for other users.
  • Flag any issues you see on the forum. User posts are not moderated before publishing, so if you see a post you think should be removed please flag it—forum moderators and staff do not take responsibility for content posted by users, but reserve the right to remove any content or user account.


  • Post or behave in a way that might offend or exclude other members. Our community is diverse, not only in the sense that we’re international and speak many different languages, but also in that Dropsource users come from a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds, from designers and marketers to web developers and project managers—if someone doesn’t understand a technical concept, please treat that as an opportunity for sharing expertise, we’re all learning here.
  • Post replies on topics when your comment isn’t related to the topic. (If you have a new issue that isn’t related to the topic heading please open a new topic.)
  • Upload anything that isn’t yours. This is a public forum, so don’t post images of a project if you don’t want it to be visible to anyone who visits here.
  • Respond critically to other users—honest constructive criticism of an idea is welcome, as are discussion and debate, but please engage with your fellow community members respectfully and patiently.
  • Post on subjects that are not related to Dropsource or mobile development.

This is your community—the Dropsource team is here to support and facilitate, but we aim for this forum to be a place for open discussion driven by platform users, that will flourish when community members are able to participate as fully as possible.