Update from Nate (Founder of Dropsource)


Dropsource Community,

First, I’d like to say thank you for your continued support of Dropsource! 2019 has been an exciting and crazy year for Dropsource so far, and I hope this post illustrates what we have been up to as a company and where we are going.

Throughout the lifetime of Dropsource, we have seen two types of customers. Individuals who want to use the DIY platform to build their app, or organizations who love the idea of a DIY platform but need the expertise of the Dropsource team to bring their ideas to life.

As of recently, we have been seeing a lot of success leveraging the Dropsource technology to professionally build applications for our clients. We have made this a more prominent offering in our messaging on the website and have made a more clear distinction between our services offering and our platform offering. To be clear, Dropsource is not becoming exclusively a development agency. We are simply beefing up our development services offering as we are very good at quickly and affordably building apps for our clients.

As for the current Dropsource platform, we have learned a ton over the last few years watching our community use the product. It has been incredible to see the apps you have built! With that said, we have been quietly working on the next generation of Dropsource throughout 2019 and we are very excited about it!

Without getting into all of the details because we are not quite ready to go public with a detailed announcement on what is to come, I can give a sneak peak.

We have been working on a completely new product that focuses on building cross-platform apps using the Flutter framework. We believe Flutter is a huge step forward in mobile technology and we believe we have an opportunity to be a part of that growth and make app development even more accessible to organizations and individuals alike by using our product. We will be making more official announcements in the coming weeks and months containing more information about this new product direction.

Now, what does this mean for our existing Dropsource platform?

The current Dropsource platform is not going anywhere.

Our team will still be working the forum with support, keeping your apps up to date and compliant with the latest App Store rules, and making sure the platform continues running and functioning as expected.

However, we are still a small team and are currently devoting the majority of our product resources towards building out the new product. We do not have any major upcoming releases for the existing Dropsource platform, at least for the foreseeable future.

We are excited and optimistic about the future of Dropsource! We are eager to show everyone what we have been working on and think it will be a very welcome addition to the app development space.

That’s all for now, but please stay tuned for more updates on what we’re cooking up for you.


Nate Frechette

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Thanks @Nate for this update. Its really helpful and I’m excited about the future.

I suspected you guys were working on something for Flutter after seeing your blog post.
One suggestion I will give is to think of plugins as first class entities in your new platform right from day one.
With a plugin system you wouldn’t have to worry about trying to implement everything yourself or keep up with the speed of new features.
I believe the plugin system is the key factor that has made wordpress this successful.

Good luck and can’t wait for the new platform.


@Nate Can’t agree with @seanhoots more. I have been researching the Flutter platform since it’s inception. In the beginning I was moving towards the cross-platform development frameworks but then fell back into native because of many reasons but one of the biggest was native functionality. A lot of hybrid development platforms have re-developed their own offerings to focus on their plugins to offer more native-like interactions because that’s what the community wants. I’m excited for the next iteration of Dropsource and can’t wait to see what you and your team have been working on.


I agree as well. There’s a tug-of-war when it comes to many elements surrounding hybrid vs native platforms and their offering strategies. It’s tough to appease all parties but we certainly feel that we have a compelling offering to bring to you all as well.

We’re all really stoked too over here about the ideas and implementations that are coming into play in this next version of Dropsource. We really can’t wait to have you all trying it out and providing feedback too.

Thanks for being so stoked as well as thank you for your patience while the team is head down and working how to bring everything to market.


Excited for things to come here!

Will this mean that we will soon be able to build out one application on Dropsource and have it exportable to source code suitable to both IOS and Android?


HAHA, No peeking under the wrapping paper, Justin. :rofl:

As soon as we can drop all the details, it’s going to all come out here in the forum. We’re just as excited as well!


Sounds great !! :rofl::rofl:

I guess my question is in part because we’re unsure whether we should continue to build a different set of apps on the current Dropsource if the new version will be worth the wait?! Provided it’s not still 2 years out of course. :wink: Any insight here would be great!


I don’t want to overstep here. @nate_frechette any charitable insights or not. I’ll leave you with the opening.


:ok_hand::call_me_hand: looking forward to it!



So not sure where this stands right now but how should we be approaching this as end users? It’s great to hear that there is a new version on the horizon but if there is a potential to have more functionality in our applications than currently, do we put our work on hold with our current implementations?

I’m excited for the next iteration of Dropsource but worried that the time being spent developing on the current version could be wasted.


+1 My thoughts exactly.


I second this.

I too am not beginning additional projects in fear of deprecation or no support on current version…

The other element is it’s a waste of time if we are weeks away from the new version. Even a ball park (1 month? 6 months?) Would be good…


Also will pricing continue to remain the way it is? There are currently dropsource competitors based off of react native priced at $30/m for unlimited apps but they are not as mature as native dropsource and can’t support as many use cases it can and are not true native. If flutter dropsource launches without at least the current features of native ds I don’t see how it can be competitive at the $2k/app/y price range. So many questions and like others I feel stuck.

And no I will not be sharing the “competitor name” in DMs. I shared that simply as a contrasting pricing model, by no means as an ad for another company.


These are good questions and I’m not aware of the pricing strategy. As soon as Nate can deliver more info to you, he will. Thanks for your patience and I can empathize with your excitement and want to know more. The answers are coming and you’ll be the first to know as soon as we can deliver them.


Do we have any updates here on the next iteration of Dropsource?


Hi Matt!

At this moment, not yet… but this is the spot where they’ll come out when we do. We’re heads down over here building daily.


Quick question @Wade, did @Will Bernholz leave Dropsource a few months back? I had sent him an email a few days ago but then remembered someone from DS I follow on LinkedIn (I think) had gone on an international trip and sold everything they had according to their post. I couldn’t remember if it was him or not.

CC: @Nate


Mackenly, I’m still here! Sorry it took a couple days to get back to you. I just wrote you an email a few minutes ago.

ps. I am a “digital nomad” now, but I am still working as part of the Dropsource team.


Hey Dropsource peeps! It’s now February 2020. Do we have any update to the platform?? I have stopped work completely because of the potential of a new offering. Is there any news that can be shared? @Nate @wade