[RESOLVED] Paypal Payment Issue


Okay, I’m thinking I will have to pass some parameters to my own custom API to make the call to Paypal. And like normal, I’ll have to handle successful and failed requests. I’m also thinking I’ll have to create a custom form in the Dropsource editor, and pass those values to the API. This is what I’m envisioning, but not 100% sure. I’m hoping you will be creating documentation for this like you do with the other parts of the app.


I think this is what Im suppose to do in advance.


Sent you a PM here, Chris.


Going to call this resolved for this particular instance as we worked this issue together internally. If you have any more questions regarding troubleshooting any new issues that arise, would you please create a new post.


Hold on, Im confused. You guys still have to create the front end UI.


Yea that’s correct. ok I can update you in this thread on that when I hear more from Nate.


Okay, I remember Nate said he was looking at an ETA of Wednesday or Thursday. I hope to hear something then.


Yea I’ll check with him then and let you know a status. Thanks for your patience. This is a large work up here.


Any update on an ETA?


Hey Chris,

No update just yet on eta. Engineering is working on the integration from our side. As soon as we have something to test, I’ll definitely let you know.


@chris, the integration is going well. Not quite ready for testing but they will be approaching the step of integrating this into your project and then some internal testing and then we can get you moving forward here.

Thank you again for your patience in this update.


Thanks for the update. Is there an ETA? Like sometime this week.


Engineering explains this integration will be completely added to your project today/tomorrow and I’m going to have details and guidance coming along with it. We really appreciate your patience as we add on this new update. You’ll be the 1st to use the new PayPal updated integration.


@chris the integration is setup in your project. You’ll find the setup process straightforward in Dropsource. Check the app settings for the details drop-ins and then you’ll see there’s a PayPal Action you can use appropriately in your app.


I see the Braintree module. I have a sandbox tokenizer, and just applied for a production account so I can obtain a production tokenizer. My question is, how does my custom API backend come in play with this feature? I don’t see where it is requesting to point to any custom endpoint. Hope this question makes sense.


Hey Chris, you will notice in the on success event of the payment action that you have access to the payment nonce in the event data. You can take that nonce and send it to your backend for payment processing.

Let me know if you need further clarification.


So what event is occurring that’s successful in giving me the nonce?


I’m also getting a critical save error whenever I try to save my sandbox token in the Braintree settings.


Braintree has declined us for accepting payments. This will not be an option for us.


I don’t think this will work for your users in general. Braintree said our service model is too high risk. This is crazy. We now are back to square one. We have no way of accepting payments. Dropsource members are going to need something like the original setup, more of just a plugin without applications, etc. Now we are going to have to figure out something else.