[Resolved] Backendless app crash when GET data


so what should I do to use backendless in my application. just now I tried it still didn’t work properly. @cchute


If the problem is passing an array to the network call, where should I choose to query. why don’t you try to make a project and try to use backendless and show me if it works… @cchute @wade .


@wade and @cchute, I believe your hypothesis that the array type is not specified is not correct. Here are the screenshots from the Swagger editor for the GET /data/<tablename> API request, which is where we expect arrays:

And here’s swagger declaration for these array types, both are set to be array of strings:

Hope this helps.



@cchute does Mark’s screenshots here help clear anything up?


Thanks yes that’s very helpful. Looks like there’s something messed up with our builder. In the meantime you can open your HTTPManager.java file and replace the 4 declarations of ArrayList with ArrayList and that will stop the crash.


the problem is I don’t know what to do according to your advice. therefore I turned to development without code. Why does the bubble work well but not with backendless. @cchute @wade @markpiller


Would it be possible to provide an estimate when this might be fixed?


@wade, @cchute, @Nate can you please an update for this issue?


We’re actively working on a solution currently and will put out an update as we know more on when it will be deployed to solve this. Thank you for your patience. I wrote back in a private message you had sent me as well.


@Mieyaa, Dropsource posted an update which fixes the problem. I just verified it with my app and confirm that it works now.

@cchute and @wade, thank you for taking care of this problem, anyone building an Android app with Dropsource and Backendless should be a happy camper now!


Thanks for passing the update and working so diligently with us to ensure our products work well together. @Mieyaa Thanks for your patience while we troubleshot and engineered a solution to it.


thank you @wade @markpiller @cchute for your hard work. I was greatly helped by backendless and dropsource. this works well.


I’m glad we could work through this. Thanks for your patience.