New Feature - Network Activity Log


Same case here. I actually thought this is the issue @sue was talking about here:point_up_2:


Hi @seanhoots, do you have the request selected on the left there? It looks like a long number, is that your request?

@TimNjeru that comment refers to a specific issue with request objects.


Yes that’s the request selected. The long number you see is the unique ID of a row I’m getting from my bubble backend.
I’ve tested it with all kinds of ap calls and it’s always been like that from day one this feature was introduced.
The Preview and Response tabs are always empty event hough the api returns a response and the response data displays in my app as expected.


Hm so have you never seen the data in there for any request?


From all my hundreds of runs I’ve seen it only once for a login request.
I had always assumed you guys hadnt implemented those tabs. It was only when I saw it show for just that one time that I made this post.
And even since then that same login request has never shown up again.
And I’ve tested it with several of my own apps and other people’s apps I’m assisting them with.


Ok I’ll pass this back to the team for further investigation.


Hi @seanhoots, we’ve done a bit of investigation and have managed to reproduce this issue. It appears to be related to the simulator but our team is going to need to do some more troubleshooting to figure out and fix the problem. I’ll post updates as info becomes available.


Just an update for anyone affected by the issues with Bubble responses, our engineers managed to identify the source of the problem, it relates to Bubble’s API data not including some required info on content type in the header. We’re currently working with Bubble to address it, should hopefully be resolved soon. Will update here when it’s sorted!


@seanhoots Bubble made some changes on their end and I am now seeing data from their requests in the network log - could you try it out and see if it’s working for you?


Its working fine for me. Very helpful feature.


Oh great thanks for the update @TimNjeru! :confetti_ball:


Hi @sue, has this been resolved – issue with the patch where there’s a geographic address in one of the fields?


Yes as far as I’m aware this issue was fixed.