My App Keeps Crashing At Startup


@justincrabbe When I run, I don’t receive a crash but I do see that the 200 Response coming back from your API has an empty body. There’s no results coming back so there’s no date to populate the screen.

You might want to ensure you’re sending the right data in the request.

You can create a Simulator Build of you app and run in the web simulator… then toggle the Network Activity log and check out the request and response coming back to see what’s happening in the network calls. That’s a good spot to investigate this issue


I see the results fine on my end:

(make sure when you are testing you select an option with more than 1)

I.e. scroll down and select the one that says ‘17’.


Apologies, I didn’t understand the apps implementation. Ok I need to look and see why the of data isn’t occurring. Thank you for showing the view of your data and what I was doing wrong there.


No problem.

Worked fine previously.

Seems buggy all of the sudden with certain builds not working on devices then all of the sudden they do, but then areas of the app that were untouched recently all of the sudden stop functioning…


Please provide assistance with this.

We are at a stand still.


@nate I could use an extra hand solving the issue with Justin’s project here…

Build ID: 1132770579541426478
Project ID: 1060546886982412978

…If you run it up and login (creds auto-populate), scroll down to the tile with 17 in it and tap on it, the app crashes due to attempting to get Context and finding Null there instead. I can’t seem to figure out why this is occurring. Perhaps it’s with the particular Actions setup in the Quotes Received activities On Start event??? Maybe they should live in a different lifecycle event due to their need for a context that doesn’t exist yet?

Any information you can share and guidance for @justincrabbe would be helpful. This 1 is stumping me really good.

Thanks @nate


Any update on this @Nate? Thank you.

@wade fyi, this is just about the final step before we can purchase this and launch…

Waiting for a solution.



I apologize for the delay here. The app is crashing because it is trying to access the counter page variable from the context of the dynamic list tile, which you cannot do.

Is there a way for you to get the counter value elsewhere? If not let me know and we can figure out how to proceed.



I removed it and you are right in the cause. The app doesn’t crash any more.

What I’m trying to do at the recommendation of @Nate is basically access the index of the list.

I am trying to display:

Option 1,2,3,4,5 etc. in the list as it loads.

Note: i cannot “fix” or set these numbers beforehand, as I’m using constraints to call specific information, and if I fixed the numbers/options, the result would look like Option 1,2,4,7,11,15 instead of consecutive 1 through 5 based on the on-load of the index/list.


@nate_frechette there’s no context to the page variable in this situation BUT would a Device Variable work instead since those are accessible app-wide? It’s know a Device Variable is not a dynamic element but it doesn’t hold the same context as a Page Variable, right?


@justincrabbe test this out. Try with a Device Variable here instead.