Email Change Request/ Feature Request


I need to change my email and it seems like something that should be added so this is kinda a feature request too. To my knowledge, there is currently no way to change my dropsource account email. If support would please contact me that would be great. Thank you.


Hi @mackenly.j, I’ve sent you a message via the editor chat.


I need to change my account email.


@chris, I will send you a private message here now to made the update. Thanks for reaching out.


Same here I would like to change my email :slight_smile:


Asger I will message you privately as well.


thanks i appreciate it!


Absolutely. I have your request in and will notify you privately when it has completed on our side.


Same here, I need my email changed please.


John, apologies on the delay. I thought I responded before but maybe never hit send. If you want to private message me here by tapping my name and telling me the old and new emails so that I can put the request in, we can get this completed for you.


I also need to change my email.


I will personal message you


I need to temporarily change my email. When will this functionality be built out? Because this won’t be permanent. Just having an MX issue on my server, so in the meantime, I can’t get emails so I can’t test new builds.


Hey Chris, we can help you out. We do this process manually. Private message me the email you use now and the email you want to change it to and we’ll get it done.



I’m still waiting for my email to change. Can you please get back to me?


Lucas, I’ve replied in a private message here. Thanks for bringing this up.


Sorry For Interupting you, sir
But Can You Help Me To Change My Email Too?
You Can PM Me If You Want
Thanks for your support anyways


YeS I can help with this. Please message me the current email and the email you’d like to adjust it to.



i’ve send the private message to you
thanks for helping


Thanks @yuspilelto I will respond in the private thread. :slightly_smiling_face: