Critical Save Error



I keep on getting critical save error. This is happening only only one app. I have tested other apps they are all saving.

What could be causing this error?


Hi @TimNjeru, our engineers are looking into this issue right now, we’ll update you as soon as we have any info.


Having the same issue on my app. Is there a solution?


Hi @jjob32. Are you connected to internet? If yes try to refresh and the error might clear.

Your case may be different. But in the worst case scenario like it happened in my case above, I was told there was nothing much the could be done. I had to delete the app and build afresh. The problem was was caused by too large bubble API that I wanted to add to an existing one.

Lesson learn for my case was, make copies of your app as often as you can without fail.

Hope your case is different.


I did refresh multiple times and it still didn’t work. Guess I have to create a new app :frowning:
Is there anyway to move my premium account from the old app to the new app?


Hi @jjob32, our engineers will need to look into your issue but I see you’ve opened a support ticket so we’ll contact you through that.


Ok thanks, Sue. I had to create a new app from scratch, because the old one stopped working. Still receiving the critical error.


Hi @jjob32, sorry to hear that, I believe it is likely related to the Swagger file size issue which the team is actively working on solutions to right now.


Thanks I was able to resolve this issue with the Support Team.


Hey @sue, do you know if the issue of Swagger file size been resolved now?


Hi @TimNjeru, our engineers are working with people on a project by project basis to try and let them keep working but the general fix will be a while because it’s a pretty significant change, we are also working with Bubble to see if they can reduce the file size, since this issue has only arisen with Bubble APIs.


Hi @sue, thank you for feedback.



Cannot save anything. Cleared cached, restarted machine, nothing is working.


Hi @chris, I cleared the server-side cache of your project. I think the error is related to a cache that was out-of-sync. Could you please reload the project on your browser and try to save again? It may take a while to save as the caches rebuild, it may even fail the first time you try to save. If it does fail, please reload and try again.


I’m getting this error now.


Would you log out of Dropsource completely and restart your browser, then reopen,login, and try again and let me know if this is still continuing.


Yup! Still getting it.


Think maybe you guys may have to clear the cache on your end?


This has happened to me many times.

What causes it exactly?

Is it something we are doing?

Is there something we can do on our end to fix this somehow?



All great questions!!!