Created App - Downloaded to Android Store - Nothing there


I created the app, deployed, and followed directions to upload onto the android store. When installed and opened on phone, there is nothing to “Open” No app.

Not sure where it went wrong.


@trevor.hileman, That’s a unique description there. Can you elaborate a bit more? Is there an app icon on the phone?


There is no icon on the phone.

The apk downloaded fine, from all i can tell it should be fine.


This sounds strange and the APK uploaded there is only 1mb in size. Would you please share a device Build ID for your project? I’d like to pull the project down and look at a couple things.



The app is a wrapper. I built in Bubble. FYI


Have you added an App Icon image to your project prior to release?



If your referring to this section, then yes.


This is the app icon for the Google Playstore. You need to set your app icon to your project within Dropsource and then re-download your source code in order to have it set on your phone. I’m actually shocked Google Playstore deployments let this get this far without it.


Do you have anything that instructs how to push a new source code into android studio? I tried creating a new project but when on the android store it wanted the same project.


I do not but if you Google it, you’ll find several. Here’s 1 I looked up. This explains a couple requirements to ensure in your app. Package ID and build number are among a couple pieces to verify but I believe these should update as expected for you thanks to how Dropsource creates the source code with each build.

Also if you didn’t know, you can open your source code up using Android Studio free software at any time.


For me this isnt straight forward on how to update the app with the source code. I have read multiple articles and they are not consistent. And i don’t want to do something unless i’m 100% sure. In your comment above you said “Here’s 1” i’m not sure where that might be.

Would i go to this and select new and change the apk?


No problem, @trevor.hileman. I can help. You’ll want to open this Gradle file and increment the versionCode by 1. And you can also do whatever you want with your versionName. that’s what version number will display to your customers in the Play Store. Update that and then follow our Android Deployment Guide in and you should be all good to go here. I realize I don’t have that in the guide so I will add this important detail. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


@trevor.hileman, you’ll find the build.gradle file in the directory to the left in your editor. I’m showing it via the screenshot above. Feel free to ask any follow ups and share a screen if you need more detail.


I see it and i did the change, but when re-uploading the APK it still told me i had the same name. I don’ think this is progressing without being able to go through this continuously and doing a screen share. As this whole process is new to me, what might be common sense, isn’t.


I understand your stress. I’m going to work with you here to solve it. Developing apps have bumps in the road and deploying is a spot that requires a bit of repetition and learning the process but then you’ll have that skill for life. The forum is how we work through Dropsource developer support needs. This also gives a chance for the rest of the developer community to see and help as well. We’ll get you there together.

After updating the number, did you follow through with the deployment directions which would have you create a brand new APK to upload by chance?


I have created the new source code but dont know how to get it into the android studio. We have changed the version number, but to my knowledge have not added the updated source code (From when we added the App icon) to create the new APK. So no, no new APK has been created. I have gone through the guide " Submitting an Android App to Google Play" but doesnt address how to update a new release


Good explanation. I’ll try and breakdown the steps from getting the source code from Dropsource and we’ll see where the first hurdle resides…

So you’ve got your Dropsource projected downloaded. First thing, unzip it by double-clicking on the zip folder. The project will appear next to the zip file.

You will go over to Android Studio and “open an existing project”

You’ll then locate the folder your project is in… and highlight that highest folder… then click open.

This will bring the project up in Android Studio (give it a minute, Android Studio does a lot the 1st time a project is opened in it)

On the left you can open folders and you’ll get to the gradle file I’m showing here… double click to open it

Here’s where you will change your versionCode and if you want to be consistent, change the Version name here to like 2.0 or 1.2 or whatever you’d like to be your system. The Version name is only for displaying something in the play store.

Now once you’ve done this, everything else aligns with the Android Deployment guide again.

You’ll do the generate signed bundle / APK again and step through it until if you give you a brand new APK file. It’s that brand new file that you will upload into your Google Play store dashboard like you did with the 1 before it.


Still running into an error. Does it have anything to do with this being a wrap?


@cchute Do you know about this 1? Maybe something out of date with Gradle for Trevor here?


Hi Guys, I ran the project on my computer I didn’t see any issues. I’d suggest updating Android Studio that should clear up any issues. Thanks